May 2003


"In Prokofiev's 5th Symphony, the story of this triumphal music makes it music of today...but it can only work with one who is able to tell the story. Merit then Abel, who, in many instances confirms the fact that any orchestra, even one as trustworthy and beautiful tones as San Carlo, can only be turned into a brilliant instrument in the hands of a conductor of talent. What we have seen from him in this season (Butterfly and Prokofiev) fortifies our impression of this."
Stefano Valanzuolo, Il Mattino di Napoli, May 2003

"In Rachmaninov's 2nd piano concerto with Aldo Ciccolini, the orchestral mass was kept lean and taut at the podium. The Prokofiev symphony's neat and seductive colors received from the talented Yves Abel a finely calibrated performance, with firm formal wisdom and fine temperament."
Paola de Simone, Corriere della Sera, May 2003