March, 2015

"A rare Wagner.  An exciting Liszt.  Yves Abel and the NWD Philharmonie impress.
The new principal conductor of the NWD Philharmonie, leads the orchestra with vigor through an incomparable concert evening which the public honors by long lasting applause.”

"Gratifying upbeat.
Yves Abel conducts the orchestra safely, with rhythmic precision and a balanced sound.   All throughout an impressive and gratifying start of the new principal conductor.

 "Almost unworldly in its beauty and everybody is having fun: the conductor, the soloist and the public
The orchestra was in a good mood and so was Yves Abel.    The start of the second song-like theme of the Rhapsody in Blue was fascinating:  Gershwin's rhapsody is not only about big noise and rhythm, but also about deep feelings.”