May 2010

ROYAL OPERA HOUSE - 'La traviata'  

"Conducting, Yves Abel gives the score some French polish, ensuring smooth playing and sympathetic rapport with his singers."
Neil Fisher, The Times, 13 May 2010

"Yves Abel draws playing of sensitivity and verve from the orchestra." 
Andrew Clark, Financial Times, 14 May 2010

"Yves Abel, making his ROH debut, guided the ROH orchestra with finesse"
Melanie Eskenazi, Music OMH, 17 May 2010

"The transition from the prelude to the start of the party was beautifully conducted by Yves Abel, and Act 3 unfolded with impressively gathering weight."
Peter Reed, Opera, July 2010

"Abel kept the evening well-sprung and swift on its toes from the pit, and made some great moments with Gheorghiu: in the juddering, heart-pounding pulse that he set for the dazed finale of Act Two, and in the last act, where the thread of sound that came from her throat alongside the sweet, lonely heedlessness of the violin sounds, as thin and wavering as a candle flame, the gentle valedictory of “Addio del passato”, the gruff grunts of the horns under her dying song, “Se una pudica virgine”, made the tragedy as piercing as it could be. I’m afraid I was in floods."
Ismene Brown, The Arts Desk, 09 July 2010

"Abel's first act prelude and many other incisive touches revealed an instinctive Traviata conductor. "
Martin Kettle, The Guardian, 09 July 2010

"To his credit, Yves Abel, the conductor, sticks to [Gheoghiu] like glue, and there is much to admire about his general pacing."
Richard Morrison, The Times, 09 July 2010