September 13, 2014


“One has to say it very clearly and often. The presence, now frequent, of Yves Abel in the pit of the Campoamor Theater, is a luxury.
I think it is significant that his next opera engagements after Oviedo are the Paris Opera and the Metropolitan Opera. The work that Abel realizes with each new lyric appearance is intense and the results impeccable from start to finish.
The quality of the conducting is one of the basic pillars in acquiring the good results we witnessed recently. Contrasting dynamics, Verdian colors, dramatic accents always intense, lyricism in the intimate passages, the capacity to define each role through the accompaniment and a magnificent response and performance from the Oviedo Filarmonia, were the principal characteristics of Abel’s conducting which will remain in one’s memory and which reminds one of the importance of the conductor for each production.
He is, without doubt, the key.”
Cosme Marina, La Nueva Espana, September 13, 2014